#19.03 Twitter 101: here are for a few Basics to know

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Welcome to Blog Section #19 Twitter-Topic 3 Twitter 101: a few more Twitter Basics.  We’ve talked Tweet, reTweet, and saw the little bird :). 

twitter 101Twitter 101: We Got Started

Before we go any further, here’s a recap:

  1. In Blog #19.01 we signed up for Twitter. We also talked about terms:
    1. Tweet
    2. ReTweet
    3. Home Page which will show tweets from you and tweets of the people you are following on Twitter.
    4. Profile Page which will show all your tweets. You will have an address, mine is: https://twitter.com/BarbBradyBlog
  2. In Blog #19.02 we talked about how Twitter works:
    1. Following: The is the list of those you choose to follow.
    2. Followers: This is the list of those that follow you. 
    3. @.  This is what you use before a Twitter Username to create a call out to a certain person.

So, let’s continue with a few more Twitter 101 Basics and then it will be up to each one of us to jump in to Twitter.

twitter 101Twitter 101: the Twitter screen

  1. At the top of your Home page, you will see basic info:
    1. Tweet. This is the number of tweets you have sent. 
    2. Following.
    3. Followers. When someone follows, the number will go up and when someone stops following you, the number will go down. 
  2. Below the basic info is a box that says “Compose a Tweet”. You may not do a lot of tweets at the beginning because you are learning and focusing on following others. But soon, you will be tweeting!
    • Just type in your Tweet and click Send

P.S. One of the best things I have read across the Internet is this tip (and I have read this tip more than once): Don’t wait for people to find you, go find and follow them. Hopefully, they will then follow you back. 

twitter 101Twitter 101: Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging is Twitter’s version of a private message. Twitter Rules: you can only send a private message to your Followers; you can only receive a private message from someone you Follow.  Huh? So . . . I think, this is to be used if you are both following each other. 

  • Private Messages are still limited to 140 characters. 
  • They can be called DM’s.

To send a Direct Message: 

  1. Click Gear icon  
  2. From the drop down, click Direct Messages
  3. Click New message
  4. Type in their username
  5. type in the message
  6. Click Send

So, it’s time . . . let’s both jump in to Twitter. Let me know how it goes and 

See you next time as we continue to Simplify Technology …


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