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My journey: to SimplifyTechnology. Have you ever been frustrated with technology? If you have, please join me and let’s simplify. 

I Love Technology, but I am Frustrated!

I love reading about new technology and I want to try it out, only to become frustrated after 4 hours and 50 pages of Googling. Did I say 4 hours?  More like 4 days!

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But I continue! One of my examples: I want to get a scanner for home business and personal use.  I found many blogs on the benefits of scanning. But I already know the benefits, I want to know the basics. How do I get started?

So I Search for some Basic Steps

I search . . . and search.  After more articles that continue to tell me what to scan (and continue to tell me the benefits), there are articles that use terminology with little explanation.

These articles are so in-depth that I am now frustrated but for a different reason: I am overwhelmed. I have gone from one extreme to the other  extreme. First I found too little information and then I found advanced information that was not broken down in to simple pieces.

Let’s get back to the Basics

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Hey, this was supposed to be an interesting project.  But it is quickly becoming just another “have to get it over with” project.  I am running in a maze.  Where did the interesting part go?

And then I start learning more about blogging and setting up a website. I thought scanning was frustrating . . . I now have a new idea of frustration.  Hey I like technology . . . but I am not a programmer . . .

But One of the things I consistently do is document. Through years of learning new software programs or just new business information, I learned to document on the front end. So the habit is there: I simplify. This way I can refer back to some straight-forward notes and build on knowledge. I am going to share these notes and hopefully save YOU tons of time and a lot of frustration!

To SimplifyTechnology . . . there is hope!

idea technologyHopefully, this will become your first stop when looking for technology for home and small business use … so when you do Google … and we all do it will be EASIER! The goal is to make this a place where we can create a community where technology is Not so frustrating; instead, where the focus can be on the excitement of finding a new technology tool.

  • So if you want straight-forward  “How to’s” to help you sort through this information overload, this is the place.
  • If you want someone to help you in non-techy language, come here. I will streamline technology information and make it as simple & brief as possible (so you don’t have to read 20 pages or Google 50 sites to understand even the basic starting steps).
  • Hopefully, you will share too.

Let’s learn “how to” without so much frustration. Let’s SimplifyTechnology.


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